Farista Air Ambulance Service in Jharkhand is a blog about an air ambulance service provider that operates within the state of Jharkhand. We are a private air ambulance operator based in Ranchi and we provide services of transferring critically ill or injured patients from rural to urban hospitals.

We at Air Ambulance Service believe our commitment to excellence drives our ability to successfully perform each and every mission we take on, delivering care with compassion, dignity and respect for the patient, their family & loved ones. We maintain high standards for the quality of care provided by our highly trained staffs and paramedics who perform several hours long flight day-in-day-out with devotion, empathy & sensitivity without fail. We provide cost-effective, high quality air ambulance services to the citizens of India by way of expert medical teams and well equipped aircrafts.

Some crucial features that make our Air Ambulance Services different than others are:

  • Experienced and caring Medical Team
  • Well Equipped Ambulance with ICU Setup
  • Flight experience of over 400 hours within one year.
  • Flat rate pricing with no hidden cost or surcharge.

Patient Care Services includes providing pre-hospital care, ground transportation, critical care and post-hospital discharge/rehabilitation services at an affordable price.

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Air Ambulance Service Vision is to be the Best Air Ambulance Service Provider in India

Jharkhand was created by integrating a few parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and some areas of West Bengal. The state has a population of over 52.5 million people and is rich in minerals and forest resources. Jharkhand’s political history, however, has been marred by caste-based violence, especially in the areas bordering Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The capital of the state is Ranchi, but the largest city of Jharkhand is Jamshedpur.

Best Air Amublance service in Jharkhand is one of the pioneers in Air Ambulance service provider services in India and has been serving the nation for over a decade. We provide both secondary as well as primary air ambulance services to the people of Jharkhand.

Best Farista Air Ambulance Service has an air ambulance unit consisting of an advanced medical team, a paramedical crew and a specialized medical equipment set that is on board our state-of-the-art aircraft (fitted with ICU facility). You can choose between the following aircraft options, depending on your budget and purpose.
The helicopter option is ideal for transporting patients from rural areas to urban hospitals in less time than ground ambulances can take.
The turbo prop aircraft is best suited for transporting patients with limited life threatening injuries and is usually used to transport patients from remote areas to nearby secondary hospitals.

Our registered office is located in the state capital of Ranchi. Our fleet of fleet of aircrafts & ambulances have been strategically placed at various locations across Jharkhand, including Ranchi, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur etc. to offer you the most efficient ground ambulance transfer service in your area.