Faristarescue Air Ambulance Service in Patna is an emergency medical service that provides medical care for patients who need to be transported over land or Air, often due to the severity of their injuries or illnesses. The rapid response and transport of these services are critical pieces of patient care as it is often impossible to transport a patient without assistance from an air ambulance. Air ambulances offer several advantages over ground ambulances: they can quickly transport patients while avoiding congestion on roads, they allow more flexibility in the locations where personnel and equipment can be located, and they may bypass traffic jams that would have been unavoidable by ground-based transportation.

Farista Rescue Service, runs a high class Faristarescue Emergency Ambulance Service in Patna, has three main bases: the main base is at Patna Medical College and Hospital, one is in Nalanda and one in Bhojpur. These bases are staffed with paramedics who are able to provide critical care en route to a hospital or trauma center. The air ambulance service includes air stretcher ambulance service. Our air ambulance service in Patna have been equipped with medical equipment that can provide life support on board the plane if necessary. The air ambulances also have advanced life support equipment such as defibrillators and portable oxygen tanks to supply oxygen during transport.

Why Farista rescue Air Ambulance Service in Patna?

Farista rescue is well known Air Ambulance Service in Patna through Faristarescue. It is one of the top air ambulance provider in India. Farista Rescue has been providing Air Ambulance and Helicopter ambulance services in Patna and other cities and towns of India since 2012.

Farista rescue is a pioneer and pioneer service provider with experience over 10 years in medical emergency, trauma management, patient transportation, hospital transfers and tourism travel services. We understand the importance of time when it comes to emergencies and hence we connect you with our team of experienced doctors, paramedics and expert pilots which helps you reach the hospital in time. We have an excellent track record and have played a major role in saving many lives. The air ambulance service provided by Farista rescue is a major contribution towards improving health care in India by providing more efficient, less expensive, and faster transport. Transporting a patient to the hospital using air ambulances can reduce the amount of time it takes to reach the hospital from hours or even days to mere minutes for critical cases without compromising patient care.

Air Ambulance in Patna Cover following Areas for Air Transfers

Air Ambulance Patna to Delhi

Air Ambulance Service From Patna to Mumbai

Air Ambulance Service to Pune

Air Ambulance patna to Chennai

Advantages of Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service in Patna

Faristarescue has a dedicated team of expert pilots backed with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Air Ambulance service can be anywhere from 50 minutes to 1 hour depending on the severity of the injury or illness. The pilot of Farista rescue air ambulance service in Patna will make every effort to reach the hospital withing minimum time, even if you are in a remote area or far from the hospital.

Farista rescue Air Ambulance in Patna provides health care services across whole India, from moutain tops to beach shores, from Himalayan heights to Indian Ocean beaches, from desert heat to dense tropical rainforest, we have our services all across India.
Farista rescue Air Ambulance service in Patna provide a wide range of aircrafts, helicopters, jet and turbo prop/prop fighters in our fleet.

Farista rescue is dedicated to providing excellent service for more than 25 years and counting. We have been delivering the best possible quality services for our customers. The team of Farista Rescue is not only well trained but also very knowledgeable and skilled which help the team to provide excellent air ambulance services at all time. Even under difficult climatic conditions and mountainous terrain we are able to pick up patients even while they are stranded due to accidents, natural calamities etc.