Farista Air Ambulances are a new and growing form of transportation in SriNagar. With the increase of traffic accidents, air ambulances can be the difference between life and death. At times it is not necessary to have an ambulance or stretcher to transport a patient, especially one who will only need minor care or observation. This is where air ambulances come into play as they are able to transport patients as well as medical teams with ease.

While there are many questions about this type of medical service, air ambulance services in SriNagar can offer more than what average hospital facilities can provide like taking care of patients with less urgent needs such as back pain or those staying overnight for observation.

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An Air Ambulance is also useful for patients who are critically injured and require immediate medical care. Air Ambulances in Srinagar are able to reach patients in remote areas faster than land ambulances or other land transports. They can transport multiple patients to the hospital at once, including ones with special needs such as bariatric patients, a critical condition that could otherwise not be able to be transported by other means. They can also transport people from one hospital to another if they are receiving treatment more quickly at a closer facility. This is especially helpful if a large facility is needed for the care of these types of patients and it would not be practical to move them through multiple facilities.

Air ambulances can provide IV and Prescription medication, although many of these medications can be taken orally if necessary. There are some instances where a patient needs to be transported by air for hours or even days, which would be impractical for smaller aircraft used in the service.

The use of basic design to make a vehicle that would function as an air ambulance is not new, however it has been done in SriNagar for about 15 years. Many vehicles throughout SriNagar have been converted into air ambulances such as trucks and vans. The first air ambulance in SriNagar was created with a different design in 1999. This vehicle would not transport passengers but rather provide medical care to patients on board medical teams.

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As an ER in Sri Nagar some private clinics are operating under the same roof as the hospital. They can treat patients with minor problems and send them on to Srinagar-based hospitals. Private air ambulance services in SriNagar have now replaced ambulances rented from local hospitals as they are able to provide first class care, reasonable rates and prompt service. An air ambulance can also be used by people who have not been included into a government or government-sponsored insurance policy.

An Farista Air Ambulance service in Srinagar will not just provide patients with transportation to a hospital but also the knowledge and care that they require. The patient can be transported at their own pace while they are accompanied by a medical team to the closest facility where they will receive the care and treatment that they need.

Some of private air ambulance services in SriNagar including Air Ambulance Service in SriNagar, Srinagar offer air ambulances for different use such as ER medical service, ICU transport of critical patients, air ambulances for trauma care, internal medicine transport and others.
There are many benefits of utilizing air ambulances in SriNagar. They provide a higher level of care to patients and also help to transport people who would otherwise not be able to make it to a hospital. The use of an air ambulance can save the life of someone who has been critically injured in traffic accidents or even a sudden ill individual.

An Air ambulance will often provide a higher level of care than the typical land ambulance with added features that land based ambulances cannot offer such as separate observation areas, more advanced safety features and overall better quality service. One thing that sets an air ambulance apart from others is its ability for quick response times as well as travel over longer distances at higher speeds.