An Farista Air Ambulance is a Charter or helicopter which provides emergency medical service, often to transport patients from one hospital to another. The term may also be used for fixed-wing aircraft that provide airlift services for medical purposes. It was an easy and reliable way of transferring a patient from Leh Ladakh (Leh) to Delhi which is around 3 hours away by car.

If you or someone you know has been recently been injured while in Leh Ladakh, India and needs urgent medical attention then how it can benefit you? Get trusted and experienced Air Ambulance Service providers at to get you or your family member or friend on board the private jet / Helicopter and the team will take you to the right place. You need to take the right decision and make a wise choice within no time!!

Farista Air Ambulance Service in leh Ladakh with complete Medical Facilites

Farista Air Ambulance Service providers in Leh Ladakh provide you with a full range of medical facilities during your transportation. All Air Ambulance service providers have skilled and experienced crew, fully equipped ambulance and reliable aircraft with trained pilots. These experts can determine your health conditions at that time as soon as they reach with you and arrange best possible treatments as they transport you to the hospital in Delhi. These expert Air Ambulance service providers will also arrange for the best possible service to you in case you are injured or sick in Leh Ladakh.

Treatments include artificial respiration, stabilizing and securing injuries of limbs, etc. Transfers include transferring from one building to another and even from the mountain areas to the hospital in Delhi.

While there are certain limitations on what an air ambulance can do, it is still a great life-saving option for many people who need specialized medical attention. This is especially true where there is any kind of injury or illness that requires immediate care such as medical emergencies and/or evacuations of injured individuals during winter seasons when roads become inaccessible or unsafe.

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A flight attendant is placed on board the aircraft to give services and assist the patient by lifting them into the aircraft seat for transport. The air attendants also help with any necessary oxygen service to ensure that the patient is breathing comfortably during their journey. There are some additional facilities that are provided to the patient during their flight via ambulance such as oxygen, intravenous fluid therapy (IV), air conditioning / heating and television channels.

If you or someone you know needs urgent medical attention then this is only a partial list of companies offering Farista Air Ambulance services in Leh Ladakh, India.

Farista Rescue Air Ambulance is one of the most reliable service providers which are providing air ambulance services in Leh Ladakh with highly trained, qualified and experienced staff. We have large fleet of private jets / helicopters which meet the needs of our clients and having the best services in order to ensure the comfort and well-being of our patients during their journey to Delhi. We offer wide range of personalised service at affordable rates, that means we can handle you or your family member in a way you need. Our main objective is to provide quality care to our customers with safety as our priority every time. Our Air Ambulance India team will be there for your extra mile assistance by providing all possible support service throughout your medical treatment.

So when you need Air Ambulance Service in Leh Ladakh just reach us to know about the rates, timings, etc.

AirAmbulance offer you services for all types of Air Ambulance / Medical Evacuation / Patient Transfer and repatriation services in Leh Ladakh like:

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Air Ambulance India – Your reliable Air Ambulance service provider in Leh Ladakh. We have a team of qualified and skilled team with experience who are always ready to help you no matter what is the situation is. Just give us a call and we will take care of you!!

The following is a partial list of companies that may provide air ambulance service in Leh Ladakh. For additional information, contact the company directly.

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