Farista Air Ambulance Service in Darbhanga has become a very popular service as it is not only used by the public but is also used for humanitarian purposes. It has been a leading service provider in providing first aid and ambulance services. They pride themselves on their fast response time an quick medical care that can be provided to both the public and employees of many companies, which makes them stand out from other companies. There are certain guidelines to be followed while interacting with Air Ambulance Service that must be understood before calling them, so it is important that they are contacted at times when they are available. This can help avoid any unnecessary delays and increase your convenience during this critical time.

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Features of Air Ambulance Service in Darbhanga

1. The Air Ambulance Service in Darbhanga charges a fee for their service. The fees are subject to change and can be viewed on the official website or at the local office of the company.
2. Any individual who is seriously injured or has an emergency medical condition can call them at any time as they provide 24-hour emergency services.
3. They have an official number which can be obtained from their official website and will also answer their calls if needed at all times of the day or night.
4. Their services are provided to private corporations and the public and can be used for medical transportation and emergency care.
5. The company is known to have a very fast response time and can be there with in 35 minutes of getting the call by the individual who has been injured or is having a medical problem during this time.
6. It is essential that if you are planning on calling them you will need to contact them during their regular hours which can be found on the official website or at their local office so that there are no delays in getting help when it is needed.
7. They also provide free transportation to their patients if they need it. They will help transport the patient to any hospital of their choice and then follow up with them and provide information on how the treatment is going after they have arrived at the hospital.
8. Individuals can get informed about where the nearest Air Ambulance station is located by visiting their official website or through Google Maps and getting more information on any location that you need help with in this way you can be sure to get help as quickly as possible, even if you are not at home.