Shimla is the queen of Mountains and capital city of Himachal Pardesh. It’s hard to imagine living in Shimla without any mishappening due to narrow roads and natural happenings. Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service started operations in Shimla so that any one who need quick treatment or need a emergency transfer to a hospital to the other states. For those who are ill, elderly people or children with epilepsy, an ambulance is invaluable for getting treatment quickly. Fortunately for those who want a little more air when travelling in these seasons, Air Ambulance Services which has truly revolutionised the way in which transports visitors and tourists from their homes to their stay at hotels in Shimla within 45 minutes with no waiting time before they arrive at the hospital. A service that is not expensive and which has yet to be tested, it is only a matter of time for this company to take off.

Types of Air Ambulance available in Shimla

There are a few different types of Ambulances which can be hired according to their specifications. The most common kind is the standard car ambulance which is based on an air-conditioned vehicle along with a stretcher and with its own oxygen cylinder. When necessary, it can be linked up to the helicopter, so that patients can be transferred to hospitals as quickly as possible. The second kind of an Ambulance is the air ambulance, which is a helicopter-based service. As it takes off from its home base in Delhi and flies over to Shimla, it can exclusively land in Shimla and pick up its passengers from their homes. The first use of this new service happened when two people were flown to Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Hospital from their house in Shimla. The plan is for the Air Ambulance Service to pick up patients from all over India who are afflicted with conditions like heart disorders, cancer, or burns injuries on a daily basis.

Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service (OPC) Pvt. Ltd is proud of his company’s growth and has big plans. TFarista Rescue wants its Ambulance Services to grow and become bigger than they already are. We also wants to set up other hubs in different places around India so that more people can be helped out. We are receiving excellent feedback from the people who use his services and they are happy to pay the initial fee before being flown to hospitals where they need to go for insurance reasons or for their treatment. To book an air ambulance service using a standard car ambulance or an air helicopter, you can contact us on +91 9953729195 or email.

Instant Air ambulance booking to Other Cities

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  • Air Ambulance Service from Shimla to Delhi
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  • Air Ambulance Service Shimla to Bangalore

Air Ambulance Services in Shimla

There are many different types of Air Ambulance Services in Shimla, India. Some are based in the city and some are based elsewhere in other states such as Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. Most also provide standard car ambulances so that they can be used when the helicopters aren’t available. They may charge a nominal fee to those who use their services and the payment is usually accepted before hand.

Helicopter Air Ambulance Service in Shimla

There is also a specialised service based out of Delhi that flies in specially equipped helicopters over to Shimla, India so they can pick up people who are ill with certain kinds of illnesses and take them to hospitals where they can get proper treatment. The helicopters are used extensively especially during the winters so people can have access to an air ambulance service. Since the helicopters have to land often, the charge for this service is quite high.