Private Air Ambulance Service in Lucknow by Private Charter Plane

There are many reasons to use a private Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service. One reason is that it can get you to your destination much faster than a traditional ambulance. A private air ambulance can also get you to a hospital that is further away, which can be vital if you need specialized care.

Another reason to use a private air ambulance is that you can receive a higher level of care. Faristarescue Private Air Ambulance Services typically have more experienced staff and better equipment. This can make a big difference if you are seriously ill or injured. If you are considering using a private air ambulance service, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Main reasons to Choose Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service in Lucknow

There are many reasons to choose Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service in Lucknow, but some of the main reasons include:

  • Farista Rescue is one of the most experienced and reputable air ambulance service providers in Lucknow. They have been providing air ambulance services to patients in need for over 10 years.
  • Farista Rescue has a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to patients.
  • Farista Rescue is equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology, which allows them to provide the best possible care to patients.

Cheap Air Ambulance Service in Lucknow

We are one of the leading providers of cheap Air Ambulance Service in Lucknow. We have a team of highly trained and experienced medical staff who are able to provide the best possible care to our patients. We offer a wide range of services, including emergency medical services, critical care, and transportation services. We also offer a variety of other services, such as patient transportation, patient care, and patient insurance.

Air ambulance can be extremely helpful in cases of serious emergency such as heart attack, stroke, avalanche or burn injury. However, it’s often a stressful experience for the patient and their loved ones. To help you make sense of the process and to know what to expect when your call is answered by an air ambulance dispatcher in case of an emergency when booking one over the phone: A guide on how they arrange air ambulance transport!

The air ambulance service providers have staff which will take care of all things related with hospital admission such as checking if you are eligible for free treatment or not, arranging hospital bed and arranging accommodation if needed. Enquirers can contact their own local air ambulance service providers who are informed directly with the hospital authorities and will arrange a transport accordingly. Usually, it takes at least 90 minutes from the time of calling for an air hospital to reach. Once there, the required tests and treatment will be arranged by the concerned doctor or consultant. One of the most important things to know is that you may have to stay in a hospital for as long as 3–10 days depending on the severity of your illness. However, patient’s relatives can always stay with them via the hospital’s arrangements to keep them company.

The emergency medical dispatcher will coordinate with the patient to determine the nature of the illness, and determine whether it is enough for emergency transport from place of residence or place of visit. If it is determined that a transport by air ambulance is necessary:
It is useful to mention that there are many air ambulance services in a country, but they may not be available at all times or have proper infrastructure or equipment. It’s important to ascertain whether your service provider has proper licensed equipment and infrastructure in place before arranging your transfer by an air ambulance. Air ambulance services could have issues in setting up their own service, so it’s also important to ask about this.

In some cases, when air ambulance services are unavailable at any time or have insufficient facilities, the patient may be taken to a hospital and then transferred by ground ambulance. In cases where there is a choice of hospital with an adequate service or no bed available, a doctor should be consulted before deciding on whether to go to the nearest hospital or the least appealing one. However, in certain situations like in heart attack and stroke, hospitals may not be able to provide appropriate care and treatment. Hence, air ambulance is seen as the best way of getting patients out of harms way.v