Ambulance service in Rohini is one of the fastest and most professional services that you can avail. It is a well-known outfit providing quality ambulance service in Delhi NCR area. Our qualified team of paramedics and doctors available 24/7 ensure backup. We assure with the best treatment at your doorstep via our exclusive emergency response units such as 10-wheeler and 8-wheeler ambulance together with our paramedic team to provide prompt and exceptional care at all times when time matters the most.

Rohini Ambulance services is provided by the well-equipped Ambulances from Farista Rescue Ambulance Service. The operator also provides ambulance services for transfers, pick-up and drop facility for shifting patients to other locations. Get Ventilator Ambulance service in Rohini. We also provide special emergency ambulance in Rohini for accident cases and referrals to hospitals such as Fortis Hospital, Pusa Road, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Saroj Hospital, AIIMS, Safdarjung Hindu Rao Hospital etc.

Fastest Emergency Response to any Hospital in Rohini

Our Emergency response Units are made up of Paramedics with necessary life saving equipment such as oxygen cylinders, advanced resuscitation equipment and communication devices to provide total care at the roadside or near your residence. In case of any emergency, our ambulance services respond to any call made: All calls are answered in a quick response manner by our trained/experienced operators who pass on the information to our Ambulance Dispatch Center, who in turn will assign the nearest available ambulance from our fleet of well equipped vehicles.

Our Emergency Response Units carry a highly qualified doctor or an experienced paramedic with a group of Paramedics and provide the very best care and treatment at the time of emergencies in following areas such as Rohini, Rohini Sec-3, Rohini Sector 8,Rohini Sector 14, Rohini Sector 13. Rohini Sec-4 etc. Ambulance services in Rohini for all sorts of medical emergencies. We are ready to step up and provide you with the best care available 24/7. Our experienced team of paramedics and doctors will make sure you receive good medical treatment from certified medical specialists and specialist nurses any where within Delhi NCR’s Rohini area.

Our vehicles are equipped with latest advanced life saving equipment such as oxygen cylinders, advanced resuscitation equipment and telecommunication devices to provide immediate feedback to the Dispatch Center.

Why You Choose us?

Our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary life saving equipment such as oxygen cylinders, ECG machines, ventilator, stretchers and blankets, defibrillators etc., Our ambulances are specially designed for the safety and comfort of your loved ones under any circumstances which may arise within Rohini area. Our Ambulance Service providers in Rohini under all circumstances provide the best of medical treatment with dedication, compassion and care. We are always ready to provide you with the best possible medical services available within Rohini.

We understand that time is important when your family members are in need of prompt medical attention and we endeavor to disburse as much urgent treatment as we can, especially when it is needed within Delhi NCR area’s Rohini area or anywhere within near proximity.