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Farista Rescue Dead body Ambulance Service

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A Dead Body Ambulance is a special type of ambulance that is utilized to transport the dead from the location of death, typically a hospital or nursing home, to the cremation or burial site. We provide dead body ambulances in and around Delhi


Book A Dead body ambulance Service in Delhi

The Dead Body Ambulance Service in Delhi is a 24-hour service that provides transportation for the dead bodies of people with in Dehi or From Delhi to their Home Town. The service is available to all residents of Delhi, or the person who want to shift body from Delhi to another city.

The Dead Body Ambulance is one of several types of ambulances that can be used to transport people who are unable to walk or move themselves (i.e. those in comas, persons with disabilities). It is custom-designed for this purpose, with a partition between driver area and patient bay where deceased patients lie on stretchers on narrow cots rather than reclining seats like most ambulances have. This partition is to prevent the driver from accidentally leaning over and touching the patient.

Most states require that a licensed driver be present to operate the vehicle, which is not a full-time ambulance. This type of vehicle is also referred to as a deluxe ambulance or “state-of-the art” ambulance.
Dead Body Ambulances are often used in funeral homes and mortuaries, as well as other situations where such service is required for delivery of patients safely for transportation.
In the United States, all states have laws governing how Medivac (ambulance) services deliver their patients, and provide the details regarding who has authorization to transport patients without medical attention .

How to book Dead body Amublance Service In Delhi

If you require the best quality, ambulance service in Delhi, you should not hesitate to make a call to Funeral Services India.

Funeral Services India is among the most renowned providers of funeral services and has been in the industry for more than 3 decades. We have all sorts of ambulances; be it an ambulance on rent or a confirmed booking with us, there are various reasons why our customers consistently prefer our services over others. We offer premium quality services that come at much affordable rates whether you need us on an one-time basis or on a recurring period.

We provide ambulance services with the most coordinated service that includes:

* Allowing the family to offer their condolences on the hearth of a loved one
* Ensuring that there’s no last minute rush or cancellation required before the funeral services commence.
* Providing the best of care during and after the funeral.
* Allowing for an easy access to metro and bus services. We can also help you take a train if required for travel. We can also assist you with booking a taxi service to connect you to various destinations around Delhi.

All our operators are professionally trained in handling all types of techniques in handling dead bodies and are well equipped with experience in handling such cases.


Freezer Box Ambulance Service in Delhi

    • Best Mortuary Van Services by the Last Journey
    • Sanitized ambulance with freezer box
    • Transport body to other states and cities
    • On ground team for assistance and storage
    • Safe and secure conveyance

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