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ICU Ventilator Ambulance

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An ambulance with ICU ventilator is a newer, improved version of the old ambulances that were used only for transporting sick people. Ambulance companies donated their old vehicles to create these new-fangled inventions and they can transport patients at up to 100 miles per hour, which means the patient will reach the hospital much faster, preventing death in many cases.

The cost of this vehicle is higher than a regular ambulance, but most said it was well worth it because so many lives have been saved since its creat


Introducing the newest high-tech ICU ambulance on the market: The Farista!

*The Farista was designed to provide a comfortable ride while providing top-notch patient care and is equipped with the latest in medical technology.

*Curious about how it compares to other ICU ambulances? Take a look at these features!

1. Digital display: The Farista is equipped with a digital display. This allows the driver to clearly see the patient data in real time. It also features many more features, such as an alarm function which lets you know when the patient needs your attention, and a syringe counter which tracks how many times the patient has been given a medicine.

2. Thermostat: The Farista is equipped with a thermostat, and it can be set to either maintain a constant temperature or adjust it according to whatever setting you choose. Make sure that if you want to transport patients that are extremely cold, etc., that you take them out of your car and place them gently on your back once they are inside the ambulance.

3. Emergency oxygen: An oxygen tank and mask can be attached to the ambulance. This is a convenient feature that can come in handy if your patient needs some extra oxygen before he or she is brought out of the car and carried into the hospital. Be aware that it drains your batteries, so make sure that you charge the car first before starting a long drive!

4. Blankets: The patient will appreciate being wrapped in warm blankets once they are out of your car and into the hospital, so if you have this feature on your ambulance, be sure to turn it on as soon as possible.

5. Internal heating: Another handy feature, the Farista is equipped with a heating system that gives you the ability to heat the ambulance up to a comfortable temperature during cold weather.

6. Medical scanner: A scary place for sure, a medical scanner can be used to check vital signs and give you an idea of what’s wrong with your patient. The Farista is also equipped with extra equipment you can use to treat the patient right there in the car, such as a defibrillator and suction machine.

7. Camera: This camera will make sure that your patient remains safe while you’re transporting him or her to the hospital; it’s also a handy tool for checking on your patient’s status in real time. You can even turn it this way and that so you can get the perfect angle to see what’s going on!

8. Oxygen tank: The Farista is equipped with an oxygen tank, which you can use for your patients if they need it before being transported into the hospital.

ICU Ventilator Ambulance Service in Delhi is still a new concept, however, we all know the importance of saving time and this is the best way all around. We have been trying to implement this service in many places for a few years and would like to highlight some tips for you to consider when setting it up.

1. If you can, set up your portable ICU outside the hospital. The reason being that there are sets of rules everywhere and you will have to find a place within the hospital which will fit your operation model. However, by setting it up outside you can save on rent and more importantly control of your operation model from start till end. Even just parking it in the car park will do (with an agreement between yourself and the owner of course) .

2. Make sure the ambulance is well maintained . The ambulance and its accessories should be maintained to their specifications. You should keep them clean and in working condition, as this way you can save on cost of replacement. Also, make sure they are cleaned before they get sent back to you by the hospital.

3. Don’t forget to put a strong locking system on your vehicle and make sure that only authorised people are allowed to touch the vehicle and its accessories when on duty (e.g., patients, family members etc.).

4. Now a days hospitals provide ICU kits for their ambulances or even charge for it , but you don’t have to spend all that money instead you can service them yourself .

5. Another important aspect to consider when setting up your portable ICU is the power supply. This can be achieved through buying a car battery or an emergency generator. You should make sure that you have a back-up power supply to ensure your ambulances are in working condition. Most hospitals are aware of this and will provide a generator.

6. Once you have all the right accessories for your model, then it’s time for installation . Some people need a licence to place an emergency generator or charge battery inside their vehicle, so make sure you can meet all the necessary requirements from the municipality or local government agency before placing it inside your vehicle .

7 . Make sure you find a safe place in the hospital to park your ambulance. Just because it’s an ICU ambulance doesn’t mean it should be parked in the garage or in the car park, but somewhere safe where no one would want to damage or vandalise it.

8 . After all these steps, you are ready to go and start your services and make money in an easy way by offering your services at low cost without worrying about high maintenance costs of ICU ambulances .

As you know life can get very busy and we often have a lot of activities on our plates throughout the day. This can often cause stress and fatigue, impacting our health which results in sickness and illness.

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