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Road Ambulance Services for events

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If you’re hosting an event, Farista Road Ambulance Services is a trusted and reliable name when it comes to emergency medical services. With 24/7 ambulances that can be dispatched from any corner of the city and quick response times, we are ready to provide the best possible care for your attendees. To customize our services for your event, we offer extensive medical staffing packages that include skilled EMTs, paramedics, and nurse practitioners.


Road Ambulance Services for events

Are you hosting a special event or needing to find emergency ambulance services? Farista Road Ambulance Services can attend any event, help make sure it’s safe and fun, serve guests in need during the event, and clean up afterward. We provide top-notch healthcare and emergency care for your peace of mind at any time. For more information please call

Farista Road Ambulance Services for Events continues to be a family business, started by a father & son and a mother/daughter team of paramedics. Since 2012, over one and a half decades, we have been servicing the community. Our goal is to provide the best level of care possible while maintaining an efficient & cost-effective service. To date, we have serviced hundreds of events, and have provided an outstanding level of care at each one.

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Our Emergency Ambulance Service is a full-service emergency response company for events, providing professional service at affordable rates. We provide ambulance services for your party and or event, free of charge if you require one volume of services. Our staff is highly trained in all aspects of pre-hospital emergency care and are skillful in the administration & dispensing of non-prescription medication such as IV fluids & antibiotics. Our team provides a wide variety of pre-hospital medical experiences to your event. We also have great knowledge on many topics including public health matters, youth health, pre-employment health/safety, and first aid skills.

Unlike other companies, we provide a great value, with a variety of services including:

Portable Medical Services – Emergency & Non-Emergency Transport
Farista Road Ambulance Services provides pre-hospital emergency and non-emergency transport of patients. Our staff rides in the ambulance with the patient and is responsible for their care en route to the hospital. Farista Road Ambulance Services also provides transfer of pediatric, geriatric, urgent, non-urgent, and intermediate care patients to local hospitals. We use the latest technology available such as EKG monitors and Pulse Oximeters.
Farista Road Ambulance Services has been contracted by numerous major corporations including TNT Transporting Co.

Special Events – Event Medical Services
Farista Road Ambulance Services is a full service emergency response company for events providing professional emergency services at affordable rates. We provide ambulance services for your party or event free of charge if you require one volume of services.

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