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  • Farsita Rescue Road Ambulace Service have professional and friendly staff to aid you in the emergency situation of when you are hurting or in need of first-aid.
  • Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service (OPC) Pvt. ltd. is one of the best commercial stretcher Air Ambulance service provider with complete medical flight facilities. We have experience of thousands of Patient transfer throughout the year across various cites like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata etc.
  • The Covid Positive Patient Transfer Farista Rescue Air Ambulance offers a number of advantages over other forms of transport. Because airports are usually closer to patient destinations than hospitals, Farista Rescue is ideal for patients who require longer-distance transfers from medical facilities.
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  • EICU Train Ambulance Service available for Interstate transfer of Patients with all Medical facility - Pick up of Patient form one hospital journey through train for fastest transfers, and Shifting to the Destination hospital. ICU train : An ambulance designed for transporting critically ill patients. It is equipped with a stretcher and the crew compartment is located at the front.
  • Farista Rescue Air Ambulance service (OPC) Private Limited provide a exclusive Executive Charter Air Ambulance Services.  A wide range of planes and charters used for a private, secure and comfortable patient transfer.
  • A Dead Body Ambulance is a special type of ambulance that is utilized to transport the dead from the location of death, typically a hospital or nursing home, to the cremation or burial site. We provide dead body ambulances in and around Delhi
  • An ambulance with ICU ventilator is a newer, improved version of the old ambulances that were used only for transporting sick people. Ambulance companies donated their old vehicles to create these new-fangled inventions and they can transport patients at up to 100 miles per hour, which means the patient will reach the hospital much faster, preventing death in many cases. The cost of this vehicle is higher than a regular ambulance, but most said it was well worth it because so many lives have been saved since its creat
  • If you're hosting an event, Farista Road Ambulance Services is a trusted and reliable name when it comes to emergency medical services. With 24/7 ambulances that can be dispatched from any corner of the city and quick response times, we are ready to provide the best possible care for your attendees. To customize our services for your event, we offer extensive medical staffing packages that include skilled EMTs, paramedics, and nurse practitioners.
  • The train ambulance service in Delhi is equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and supplies that are needed to provide emergency care. The service also has a team of trained medical personnel who are able to provide care to patients in a timely and efficient manner.

  • In India, a train ambulance service called Lifeline, is transporting patients to and from hospitals who otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford the procedure.
  • Farista Rescue Train Ambulance Service across India

    Farista Rescue Train Ambulance Service is a leading provider of train ambulance services in India. The company has a network of over all cites train ambulances across the country. Farista Rescue Train Ambulance Service provides free ambulance service to those in need through their website or mobile app. The company has also partnered with the Indian Red Cross Society to provide free ambulance service to those in need.



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