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Farista Rescue Private Limited (OPC) Pvt. Ltd Air Ambulance Service is a private air ambulance service which provides information on availability of air ambulances in India and around all cities.

Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service is a private ambulance service that provides flight organizing, transportation and accommodation services. Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service will provide their clients with an air ambulance service at any destination in India and around the world. They also have an online database that contains all the information needed to get in contact with an air ambulance service.

Air Ambulance Service is an expensive procedure. With Farista Rescue Ambulance Services such costs are much lower, with the top three destinations (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Patna) being among the cheapest of air ambulance services.

The process to choose a private air ambulance depends on the urgency of the patients situation and a few other factors like cost and time taken to reach destination.

How to Find Best Ambulance Service Available in India

The procedure to choose a private air ambulance begins with finding the one that is closest. The information can be found on Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Services’ website. Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Services have their own database and is updated every week.

The next step is for the client to choose the aircraft of their choice. These options include a fixed-wing plane or a helicopter. This decision must be made as soon as possible, as many air ambulance services will not fly at night. Therefore, if the patient is in desperate need of air ambulance services but it is night time, they may need to wait until morning.

If the patient is not in a critical condition, they may not be eligible for an air ambulance flight. For example, if the patient is pregnant and wishes to go home to have the baby at home, they will not be eligible, as air ambulances are not equipped to take a pregnant woman. However, if the woman has been in labour for over two weeks and needs to be saved from giving birth in an ambulance, she will most likely be eligible for this service.

If a patient is in a critical condition and is not eligible for an air ambulance, they will be taken to the nearest hospital by a ground ambulance. This can often be very slow, especially if the patient is pregnant, or if they are in pain. Even after reaching the nearest hospital, it may take many hours or even days before they are adequately treated. Because of this long process and the possible complications with it (like dehydration), many hospitals will refuse to treat any patient that is in need of air ambulance services.

The final step is for the patient to decide when and where the air ambulance flight will take place. If the air ambulance service has not yet been decided upon, this is the time that it must be. The reason for this is because some airlines may have availability of flights at a certain time of day, while others may not. Therefore, if Farista Rescue Air Ambulance  Services cannot meet the needs of their clients, they will find another company that can.

Many of the patients that use these services have serious medical conditions in which there may be a small chance of survival if they reach a hospital by an ambulance for long distances. Therefore, these services provide faster and safer travel for these patients.

Silent Features of Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service

Our Silent features clients who have traveled to India to receive medical care that is not offered in their country. They share their personal experiences including advice, recommendations and warnings about the journey to India.

Medical Facility available with our Ambulance Service are:
– Commercial Stretcher Air Ambulance Service
– Ventilator
– New Medical equipment
– Medical Staff and Support
– Important Medicines
– Experienced Doctor and Nurses
– Fast Transfers
– 24 X 7 Services

  • Farista Rescue Air Ambulance service (OPC) Private Limited provide a exclusive Executive Charter Air Ambulance Services.¬† A wide range of planes and charters used for a private, secure and comfortable patient transfer.
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  • The Covid Positive Patient Transfer Farista Rescue Air Ambulance offers a number of advantages over other forms of transport. Because airports are usually closer to patient destinations than hospitals, Farista Rescue is ideal for patients who require longer-distance transfers from medical facilities.
  • Farista Rescue Air Ambulance Service (OPC) Pvt. ltd. is one of the best commercial stretcher Air Ambulance service provider with complete medical flight facilities. We have experience of thousands of Patient transfer throughout the year across various cites like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata etc.


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