Everyday in India, thousands of people requred emegency medical treatment. A lot of them are unable to get medical care immediately that leads to the long-term health consequences. In order to help these unfortunate victims in distress, Our Farista Rescue Ambulance service has been started in metro cities across India including Bangalore. We provide fast road ambulance service, quickest Train Ambulance Service and Super Fast Air Ambulance Service with Medical Team and last Medical Equipments.

Our Train Ambulance Service in Bangalore is an lastest service which provides medical care on-demand through railway networks who need ambulance service for longer distances. The aim is to provide quick first aid on demand and life support machines and where there’s a high chance that intervention may save lives.

How Train Ambulance Started

A Train Ambulance Service in Bangalore has been started as a joint initiative between the Ministry of Railways, Government of Karnataka and SaveLIFE Foundation. They also had other partners including: Indian Red Cross Society, and Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital etc. The service will be available at all stations and trains which are operated by South Western Railway Zone. It will provide medical care for all commuters on demand at any location where trains or bus depots are located.

Train Ambulance Service in Bangalore will provide first aid and medical treatment to victims of accidents, falls and burns on demand. The service will also focus on providing immediate consultation for chronic problems like diabetes, hypertension and heart related problems.

This service will be available at all rail stations in Kolar and Bangalore divisions of South Western Railway Zone from Dec 2019 onwards. It is a part of a wider initiative called ‘Train-Ambulance’, which arose during the Mumbai to Pune express train derailment on the night of 23/24 November 2015; this was one of the worst rail accidents in India’s history.

The ambulances in the service will be operated by staff of the railways, and will be funded by private companies like SaveLIFE Foundation. This way, the ambulances will have a dedicated staff in place to provide quick service.

Train Ambulance Service in Bangalore is a part of “Bharat Nirman” government project with objective to improve railway infrastructure across India. SaveLIFE Foundation also provides ambulance services to other cities like Mumbai and Delhi as well.

SaveLIFE Foundation is an NGO which works towards providing better medical facilities for accident victims across India.

How to book train Ambulance Service in Bangalore

Train Ambulance service in Bangalore is provided by the local railway authorities. They have partnered with SaveLIFE Foundation to provide this service.
The Service is available on all trains and buses which are operated by South Western Railway Zone. For more details, you can visit website https://www.faristarescue.com/

How to book bus Ambulance Service in Bangalore
Ambulance Service available between bus station and railway stations in karnataka state – Bangalore, Mysuru, Hubli-Dharwad, Mangalore and Belgaum etc..
1) To Book Ambulance service at one of the following areas…

Advantages of Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai

The concept of providing patients with transportation to the hospital has existed for a very long time. In fact, in ancient times, human beings used methods such as carrying the patient on a stretcher or litter to get the person to the destination. Soon after that, horse-drawn carriages came into use; they were usually pulled by someone who was strong enough to carry the patient. The advancement in technology included motorized vehicles like cars and vans, but even these did not target injured people specifically.

The invention of helicopters led to Air Ambulance Services in India . All Air Ambulances are equipped with medical staff and life support systems like blood circulation machines and ventilators etc. The aircraft can take the injured person to a hospital of the patient’s choice.
In many countries, the concept of air ambulance is used for many other purposes like search and rescue operations, oil rig deployments, and even to transport general cargo.

Air Ambulance service in India has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which depends on patients’ needs they seek treatment at air ambulances centers.
Benefits of Air Ambulance Service in India

There are different procedures involved with every single medical condition. It is important that somebody who understands these procedures can give you the right advice and assistance on how to manage your situation at hand.