Ambulances are most often employed for medical emergencies and transporting patients between hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. The Train ambulance Service with ICU Facility is one of the new concept for long ranges transportation accorss the country. This is faster then road ambulance service if we have to go for long distances.

Most ambulances use a siren to alert people to their presence if you have to go through road but in case there is no stopagge and traffic in Train Ambulance Service. Some also include additional features such as lights, equipment storage compartments, stretchers or other immobilizing devices, first-aid kits and defibrillators. These vehicles may be operated by a staff of paramedics or emergency medical technicians trained in the skills needed for providing pre-hospital care (such as medications) and transporting the injured or sick to appropriate medical facilities while providing life support (primarily with resuscitation).

Train Ambulance Service in Jammu with all medical facilities

The Train Ambulance Service has been already started in the state of J&K. Now Jammu city is the first city of state which an ambulance train service has been introduced. The first train ambulance was inaugurated by DGP of Jammu and Kashmir at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium station on November 2015. The main reasons for starting the Train Ambulance is to provide fast patient transfer to the top hospitals in emergency cases where requirement of special medical staff.

The train ambulance with all medical facilities is in-charge by Jammu.

Through Train Ambulance Service, patients are transported to the nearest and best hospital. The train Ambulance has the capacity to transport 12 critical patients including 10 injured persons and 2 casualty patients. Farista Rescue Train Ambulance service provided following facilities.

  1. The train ambulance service is fully equipped with Ventilator, ICU support, ECG machine etc
  2. All the equipments mentioned above are of high quality standard.
  3. The train Ambulance have a passenger coach as well with basic facilities such as bed and mattress, bed-sheets, mineral water bottles to provide comfort to patients and injured persons.
  4. Train Ambulance in Jammu will shift the patients from Jammu area to the hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar and almost all states in India when the need arises.

Benefits of Train Amublance Service in Jammu

– Fastest air transfer and Lesser cost than Air ambulance services
– ICU set up with oxygen support
– Medical consultation and Staff
– Expert paramedical staff for patient handling
– Cost benefits and better toiled and food facility.